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Brian Hall has over 25 years of experience growing revenue at founder-led B2B SaaS and technology companies. His expertise in building and leading customer success organizations is informed by his experience in marketing, sales, product management, product marketing and professional services with early- and growth-stage technology companies.
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How to Optimize a New Customer’s Experience with Customer Journey Mapping

One of our favorite business moments is celebrating a sale to a new customer. We suspect each of us has our own traditional celebration. Whatever that custom is, it’s important to do, in that each new customer acquisition is further proof of the market fit that each of our businesses strives to achieve. But then what? Once the initial sale has happened, the hard work begins of making your company a must-have, joined-at-the-hip partner to your new customer. While celebrating the successful acquisition [...]

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10 Best Practices for Cementing Trust with Customers

As a customer success manager (CSM) at a recurring or repeating revenue company, the principle objective of your role is to create successful customers who are loyal and engaged.  Lincoln Murphy, a customer-centric thought leader, says: “Customer Success is [how] your customers achieve their desired business outcomes through their interactions with your company.” Creating customer success begins with developing meaningful relationships and cultivating trust with customers. There’s no better way to build trust with customers than by delivering on their desired business outcomes--the [...]

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5 Reasons to Use Opt-In Licensing at Your Early-Stage B2B SaaS Company

Through our work with customers of Carema Consulting and with companies that come through Chicago-based revenue accelerator VentureSCALE, we’ve observed that most early-stage B2B SaaS companies (seed or Series A stages) utilize evergreen software licensing terms with their customers. While this may make sense logically, we believe otherwise: Too many early-stage B2B SaaS companies revert or default to evergreen renewal terms when they would be better served using opt-in renewals. Before we dive into why opt-in licensing is better than evergreen licensing for [...]

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