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Carema Consulting has 30+ years of experience in leading B2B SaaS companies to grow revenue through positively engaging with their current customers. Discover our customer success insights in the articles below, or contact our team to learn more.

  • explore three questions to ask a vp of customer success

3 Questions to Ask a VP of Customer Success

As a SaaS founder or leader, you already know that hiring the right people is crucial to success — especially when you’re looking to scale up to the next stage of growth. It’s important when hiring leaders of existing functions within the business, but it’s even more critical when launching a new one. Hiring a leader for a new or growing customer success function, in particular, requires an extremely thoughtful approach. A VP hire at a SaaS company is even more complex (and often unsuccessful) – according to research, 75% of initial VP hires fail in the first 19 months.

By |Oct 20, 2022|
  • removing customer friction in the SaaS customer journey

Removing Friction in the SaaS Customer Journey

The first year is crucial in every SaaS customer journey — not only for customers themselves but also for your customer success team. This is because it has many points of friction (and thus failure), any of which has the potential to dampen value, discourage the achievement of outcomes, and, ultimately, lead to churn. Customer success teams looking to dependably deliver on customer outcomes, increase renewal success rates, and grow revenue from existing relationships must identify and tackle these points of friction in year one with greater sophistication.

By |Sep 16, 2022|
  • explore scenarios in growing customer success organizations

4 Scenarios for Growing Your Customer Success Organization

As your business grows and changes, so too must customer success. Even during the current economic uncertainties, SaaS companies in multiple markets are experiencing significant growth, and the competition for opportunities continues to increase. While customer acquisition efforts should always be a mainstay in growth strategy, preserving the revenue your business worked hard to win is more essential than ever.

By |Aug 22, 2022|
  • learn how to build a customer success organization that's scalable

How to Start Building a Customer Success Organization

As a SaaS leader, you already understand that building a customer success organization is critical to the success of your business. But that’s never been more true than today. All too often, sales teams and leaders are hungering for that next opportunity. New customer acquisition is important for growth, but customer retention and expansion are the foundation for realizing both company value and financial resilience. Today’s economic challenges underscore the need for SaaS leaders to place some focus on building a customer [...]

By |Jul 19, 2022|
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3 Ways to Grow Customer Success Capacity Without Adding Headcount

With a potential recession looming, both early and growth stage companies must be fiscally prudent, including taking into consideration headcount freezes. A hiring freeze doesn’t mean a Customer Success team is stuck at its current capacity. Here, we share three battle-tested ways to increase Customer Success capacity - and improve CS performance - without adding headcount. Revise your CSM variable compensation plansA CSM focused on achieving the right outputs will naturally increase productivity and performance. Confirm each CSM’s variable compensation goal is the [...]

By |Jun 27, 2022|
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3 Ways to Make Customer Success Smarter During a Recession

Considering belt tightening on your company’s budget? Probably a good idea given that, according to The Conference Board, 60% of surveyed CEOs foresee a recession by the end of 2023 and 55% expect inflation to extend into 2023. Are your investors increasingly looking for their portfolio companies to spend more wisely in the interest of preserving financial runway? Here are three ways to enhance your Customer Success IQ in the face of economic uncertainty Develop a consistent, repeatable plan for addressing customers that [...]

By |Jun 27, 2022|
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Answer These 6 Questions Before Hiring Your Second Customer Success Manager

Is your start-up ready to make its second Customer Success Manager hire? If so, follow this approach: Make the second CSM hire the right hire by first stepping back and determining the type of Customer Success organization needed to reliably deliver on your customers’ business outcomes. Avoid hiring another CSM just like your first CSM When picking its first CSM, a start-up typically selects an individual best described as a jack of all trades. That’s because a jack of all trades is [...]

By |May 24, 2022|
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Three Stages of Customer Success Evolution

A start-up SaaS company continues to evolve over time as it grows. As such, it’s important to recognize the stage of maturation that your company is in and, based on that, know what’s needed from Customer Success in each stage of your company’s evolution. Know these Customer Success focus areas so that you’re ready to fuel your company’s continued growth by transitioning and scaling the Customer Success team to best support the next stage of evolution at the right time. Stage 1 - [...]

By |Apr 21, 2022|
Phil Leslie
Carema Consulting was the pivotal factor that enabled interviewstream to form, execute, and grow our customer advisory boards at a time when greater customer intimacy was urgently needed to inform our future strategy. Carema Consulting showed us how to use customer advisory boards in a way that created a level of engagement that we didn’t previously think was possible.
Phil Leslie, Former CEO, interviewstream
Jessie Williams

My two years working with and for Brian represented a PhD in Customer Success for B2B SaaS. To execute against our ‘land and expand’ strategy, Brian led the creation and implementation of strategies and tactics that have empowered me to consistently forecast and achieve quarterly renewal and upsell goals for my enterprise customer base. He’s become a mentor to me.

Jessie Williams, Renewal Manager, Slack
Vik Tanksale
Carema Consulting understands deeply the essence and process of a well run Customer Success organization. In addition to helping Genivity form a sound process, Carema Consulting helped us define success and ensure that we as an early stage fintech company were focused on the right things, including zealously capturing voice of customer.
Vik Tanksale, Head of Customer Success, Genivity
Stacey Kacek

At Vertex Analytics, Carema Consulting led an initiative to research and prove the value of a pivot of the company’s flagship product to an entirely new use case. This included securing and leading 1-on-1 conversations with thought leaders and target buyers in order to validate the pivot, authoring a positioning document to insure consistent messaging across our Marketing mix, and producing a go to market strategy. In order to assess and sharpen the positioning and GTM plan, Brian drove the Sales effort for the newly repositioned solution; in the process, Brian closed Vertex’s largest sale.

Stacey Kacek, CEO, OnePlus Systems
Tom O’Sullivan
Brian created, built and constantly morphed Microsystems’ Customer Success team and workflows that achieved a 98+% revenue renewal rate and that fueled the company’s 4x growth in ARR. Brian developed his team of Customer Success Managers to be highly attuned to our customers. The CSMs knew the proper time to push and when to hold back. As a result, our customers eagerly engaged with us, remained our customers for a long time, and provided references and referrals that buoyed our Sales team’s new customer acquisition efforts.
Tom O’Sullivan, Co-Founder and former CEO, Microsystems
Tom Russell
Brian is smart, even-keeled, and he understands that a company’s success only comes from the success of its customers. Rarely do you get to work with, and for, an individual who has that rare balance of intelligence and humility, and who you look forward to going to work for every day.
Tom Russell, President & Founder, MXV Marketing

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