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Why Customer Success Playbooks Are the Best Tool for Team Growth

Customer Success Managers (CSM) are the eyes and ears of your organization, and they often serve as a customer’s first point of contact. A customer’s experience and interactions with their CSM will easily influence how they perceive your company and, ultimately, your product. This makes both hiring the right people and developing a CSM training plan of critical importance. The role of a CSM is fast-paced and carries high expectations, requiring a creative mindset and the ability to strategically pivot with agility. Even [...]

By |Jun 2, 2020|

4 Considerations for Your Customer Readiness Strategy

For a typical company in the start-up or growth phase, it’s common to go through a period of furiously creating new features to stay ahead of its competition. It often involves deploying multiple releases each month; incorporating Voice of Customer as often as possible; and perfecting product- and feature-market fit. However, this laser focus on product and feature evolution is often to the detriment of a critical success component: customer readiness. That’s why, at Carema Consulting, we encourage our clients to think through [...]

By |May 5, 2020|
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How to Optimize a New Customer’s Experience with Customer Journey Mapping

One of our favorite business moments is celebrating a sale to a new customer. We suspect each of us has our own traditional celebration. Whatever that custom is, it’s important to do, in that each new customer acquisition is further proof of the market fit that each of our businesses strives to achieve. But then what? Once the initial sale has happened, the hard work begins of making your company a must-have, joined-at-the-hip partner to your new customer. While celebrating the successful acquisition [...]

By |Mar 2, 2020|
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5 Tips for Creating Long-Term Partnerships with Customers

We have all encountered the email from a client who says they want to cancel because they no longer use your service. It is a painful reality as you think back to the day they became a customer, when they so clearly had a desired business outcome you were going to help them realize. It’s like joining a gym with great intentions of frequent visits and getting fit, and months later realizing you’ve only visited a few times. It probably is not worth [...]

By |Feb 3, 2020|
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10 Best Practices for Cementing Trust with Customers

As a customer success manager (CSM) at a recurring or repeating revenue company, the principle objective of your role is to create successful customers who are loyal and engaged.  Lincoln Murphy, a customer-centric thought leader, says: “Customer Success is [how] your customers achieve their desired business outcomes through their interactions with your company.” Creating customer success begins with developing meaningful relationships and cultivating trust with customers. There’s no better way to build trust with customers than by delivering on their desired business outcomes--the [...]

By |Jan 6, 2020|
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5 Strategies for Developing Highly Effective Customer Success Managers

In SaaS companies, there are often several customer touchpoints occurring across an organization, from Account Management to Product to Support, and even emerging functions like Product Marketing. That said, it’s the role of a customer success manager (CSM) to own the overall customer relationships for a subset of accounts. A CSM is ultimately responsible for 1) partnering with their subset of customers to help them achieve their business outcomes, and 2) creating raving fans within these accounts who want to expand their [...]

By |Dec 2, 2019|
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How Multi-Year Agreements Fit into Your SaaS Company’s Renewal Strategy

Should your early-stage B2B SaaS company use opt-in licensing or evergreen licensing to guide its renewal process? We answered this question in a recent post about why you may want to reevaluate your approach. To recap, with opt-in licensing, a customer must receive, review and sign-off on an agreement from the SaaS vendor in order to renew its licensing of the software for another term. With evergreen licensing, a customer’s licensing of the software automatically renews. In this post, we examine another piece of [...]

By |Nov 4, 2019|
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5 Reasons to Use Opt-In Licensing at Your Early-Stage B2B SaaS Company

Through our work with customers of Carema Consulting and with companies that come through Chicago-based revenue accelerator VentureSCALE, we’ve observed that most early-stage B2B SaaS companies (seed or Series A stages) utilize evergreen software licensing terms with their customers. While this may make sense logically, we believe otherwise: Too many early-stage B2B SaaS companies revert or default to evergreen renewal terms when they would be better served using opt-in renewals. Before we dive into why opt-in licensing is better than evergreen licensing for [...]

By |Oct 7, 2019|
Phil Leslie
Carema Consulting was the pivotal factor that enabled interviewstream to form, execute, and grow our customer advisory boards at a time when greater customer intimacy was urgently needed to inform our future strategy. Carema Consulting showed us how to use customer advisory boards in a way that created a level of engagement that we didn’t previously think was possible.
Phil Leslie, Former CEO, interviewstream
Tom O’Sullivan
Brian created, built and constantly morphed Microsystems’ Customer Success team and workflows that achieved a 98+% revenue renewal rate and that fueled the company’s 4x growth in ARR. Brian developed his team of Customer Success Managers to be highly attuned to our customers. The CSMs knew the proper time to push and when to hold back. As a result, our customers eagerly engaged with us, remained our customers for a long time, and provided references and referrals that buoyed our Sales team’s new customer acquisition efforts.
Tom O’Sullivan, Co-Founder and former CEO, Microsystems
Jessie Williams

My two years working with and for Brian represented a PhD in Customer Success for B2B SaaS. To execute against our ‘land and expand’ strategy, Brian led the creation and implementation of strategies and tactics that have empowered me to consistently forecast and achieve quarterly renewal and upsell goals for my enterprise customer base. He’s become a mentor to me.

Jessie Williams, Renewal Manager, Slack
Vik Tanksale
Carema Consulting understands deeply the essence and process of a well run Customer Success organization. In addition to helping Genivity form a sound process, Carema Consulting helped us define success and ensure that we as an early stage fintech company were focused on the right things, including zealously capturing voice of customer.
Vik Tanksale, Head of Customer Success, Genivity
Tom Russell
Brian is smart, even-keeled, and he understands that a company’s success only comes from the success of its customers. Rarely do you get to work with, and for, an individual who has that rare balance of intelligence and humility, and who you look forward to going to work for every day.
Tom Russell, President & Founder, MXV Marketing
Stacey Kacek

At Vertex Analytics, Carema Consulting led an initiative to research and prove the value of a pivot of the company’s flagship product to an entirely new use case. This included securing and leading 1-on-1 conversations with thought leaders and target buyers in order to validate the pivot, authoring a positioning document to insure consistent messaging across our Marketing mix, and producing a go to market strategy. In order to assess and sharpen the positioning and GTM plan, Brian drove the Sales effort for the newly repositioned solution; in the process, Brian closed Vertex’s largest sale.

Stacey Kacek, CEO, OnePlus Systems

Customer Success


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