• explore three questions to ask a vp of customer success

3 Questions to Ask a VP of Customer Success

As a SaaS founder or leader, you already know that hiring the right people is crucial to success — especially when you’re looking to scale up to the next stage of growth. It’s important when hiring leaders of existing functions within the business, but it’s even more critical when launching a new one. Hiring a leader for a new or growing customer success function, in particular, requires an extremely thoughtful approach. A VP hire at a SaaS company is even more complex (and often unsuccessful) – according to research, 75% of initial VP hires fail in the first 19 months.

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  • removing customer friction in the SaaS customer journey

Removing Friction in the SaaS Customer Journey

The first year is crucial in every SaaS customer journey — not only for customers themselves but also for your customer success team. This is because it has many points of friction (and thus failure), any of which has the potential to dampen value, discourage the achievement of outcomes, and, ultimately, lead to churn. Customer success teams looking to dependably deliver on customer outcomes, increase renewal success rates, and grow revenue from existing relationships must identify and tackle these points of friction in year one with greater sophistication.

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  • explore scenarios in growing customer success organizations

4 Scenarios for Growing Your Customer Success Organization

As your business grows and changes, so too must customer success. Even during the current economic uncertainties, SaaS companies in multiple markets are experiencing significant growth, and the competition for opportunities continues to increase. While customer acquisition efforts should always be a mainstay in growth strategy, preserving the revenue your business worked hard to win is more essential than ever.

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