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Printavo Evolves Its Self-Service Model to Drive Proactive Customer Success with Help from Carema Consulting


Printavo, a B2B SaaS company based in Chicago, has developed shop management software since 2012, enabling print shop customers of various sizes to organize and grow their businesses by automating the manual ordering process.


Historically, Printavo customers have self-managed their software usage, aside from having optional paid access to onboarding and support. Through this self-service offering, the company has been successful in managing customer relationships using a reactive engagement model.

While Printavo has enjoyed strong customer retention rates, the company understood a reactive model would not successfully scale as the company and its customer base grew, and that it would prevent Printavo from improving retention and account expansion.

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Solution: Evolving the Customer Success Model

To build out the breadth and depth of its customer success function, Printavo partnered with Carema Consulting to stand up a more proactive customer success function that would increase customer growth and account health. Through a kickstart customer success engagement, Carema Consulting delivered coaching targeting Printavo’s four prioritized areas of focus:

  1. Establish a standardized onboarding process to maximize bandwidth and customer retention.
  2. Provide the correct amount of support to customers who opt-out of paid onboarding to ensure they are set up for success.
  3. Define customer success strategies and tactics for the year 1 customer journey to set the stage for account expansion
  4. Outline the customer success team structure, including roles, responsibilities and compensation structures to set the foundation for scaling the team as Printavo grows.


By partnering with Carema Consulting, Printavo was able to:

  • Rework its onboarding offerings to increase team bandwidth and drive sticky customer behavior from the onset.
  • Develop an onboarding syllabus and establish onboarding metrics to more easily benchmark successes and risks.
  • Pinpoint areas susceptible to churn in the first year, and develop playbooks to remedy those challenges.
  • Complete a cost analysis to understand hiring opportunities based on cost savings as a result of churn reduction.
  • Redesign its customer success and onboarding teams’ variable compensation structures in order to increase focus on the most important responsibilities.

“Carema Consulting is incredibly knowledgeable about all things customer success. At Printavo, we were excited to take on the challenge of standing up a customer success function. Under Carema’s guidance, we established workflows and best practices so that we can prioritize, focus and seamlessly execute, all the while avoiding potholes that would have otherwise slowed us down.”

—Steve Leichman, Director of Customer Success