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V3’s compliance use case suffered from target decision makers who lacked budget relative to their trading counterparts


Vertex Analytics is the futures trading industry’s foremost market data, visualization and analytics solutions provider. V3 is a B2B SaaS Fintech solution that provides the futures industry’s most robust market analytics.


Through the company’s sales and marketing efforts, Vertex identified that V3’s compliance use case – providing market data analytics that futures trading firm compliance teams can use to better deliver high levels of compliance stewardship – suffered from target decision makers who lacked budget relative to their trading counterparts. Simultaneously, Vertex began to notice an uptick in V3 inquiries from futures traders. Vertex’s CEO made the decision to explore a pivot of V3 away from compliance and towards trading.

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Carema Consulting defined and led a research study to explore and prove the value of a pivot of the company’s flagship V3 product to an entirely new use case: Finding edge. In order to validate the pivot to traders and away from compliance, Carema Consulting secured and led exploratory conversations with thought leaders and target buyers. Based on those findings, Carema Consulting authored a positioning document and produced a repositioned V3 go to market strategy.


After relaunching V3, Carema Consulting headed up the Sales effort for the newly repositioned solution. While doing so, Carema Consulting led the qualification, buyer journey and successful closing of a V3 sale completely in alignment with the new positioning; this sale was and still is Vertex’s largest sale.